I is for Inca
  • I is for Inca
    Part of The Illustrated Alphabet project curated by the Small Print.
    The Small Print invited 26 of the very best illustrators they knew from all over the globe and produced 52 original pieces (1 letter and 1 illustration based on the letter each) which are available to buy, digitally printed, in A2, A1 & AO formats. A huge variety of wonderful talents from Oliver Jeffers (A) to Chris Haughton (Z) make up this newly imagined alphabet. Encompassing a broad range of disciplines and concepts, The Illustrated Alphabet has shaped up to be quite the  visual adventure. 
    Alan Clarke/ Ben Newman/ Bjorn Lie / BRENB / Craig & Karl / Chris Haughton / Dick Hogg / Eduardo Recife / Emily Forgot / Genevieve Gauckler / Jonathan McHugh / Joven Kerekes / Kevin Waldron / Martin Haake / Michael Gillette / Nate Williams / Olaf Hajek / Oliver Jeffers / Rilla Alexander / Serge Seidlitz / Steeve Doogan / Steve Simpson / Tara McPhearson / Tomm Moore / Una Gildea
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