Sketchbook 2016

An ongoing collection of my sketchbook ramblings, updated over the year

Sketchbook Collection 2016 - ongoing
The plan with this project is to simply update it throught the year:)) thank you
28-06-16 A selection of the rare and exotic jellyfish found in Dublin bay :))) 
'Isolda Madra is a paradise on earth. Trees with leaves made golden by the sunlight.' - Gustav Flaubert
28-04-2016 Quick sketch of the view from my hotel in Cali, Colombia
Ancient Greek Uniporns:)
Lacalaca - finger painting
playing around with bugs, collage, fibre tips, watercolour and a little Letraset
just a skull:)
15th March 2016 - further exploration of tree and leaf shapes - .2 & .8 Unipin Fineliner over pencil - finger paintined with watercolours - sketchbook: Flexbooks
14th March 2016 - Exploration and expansion on the 3 basic tree shapes - .2 & .8 Unipin Fineliner over pencil - finger paintined with watercolours - sketchbook: Flexbooks
do you know your gastropods? - watercolour over fibretip
Snail Sex - I've never actually seen this - I guess they only do it with the lights off:)) - watercolour over fibretip
18th February 2016 - 'The Treaty of Barba - WW1' - A recent faciation with facial hair amongst the leaders of the Great War - watercolour over fibre tip
6 February 2016 - The Matterhorn from Zermatt - marker and blue pencil over fibre tip
03 February 2016 - Ingrid Bergman, Mike Todd and Liz Taylor - brush pen, white pen and watercolour fingerpainting
January 2016 - I See Faces - a playful sketch for my 7 yr old to count how many faces he could find - I found the most (I'm really not competitive - honest:)) - finger painting watercolour over fibre tip
January 2016 - I'm a big nature lover and very proud of my green fingers - This is just a sketch looking for patterns in nature and making marks - fibre tip and finger painting - watercolour
Previous year's sketchbook projects:)


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Thank You :)
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